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Welcome to Logo programming using the XLogo Java application.

The site is divided into four main sections, always accessible from the tabs at the top of every page.


Programs - Complete fully working programs written in XLogo. Simply copy and paste directly into the XLogo Editor to run, or use them as a base for your own programs.

Galleries - A large collection of XLogo images for you to view. Each image is linked to the code that created it.

Primitives - A complete list of all XLogo primitives, along with code tips, guides and examples.

Resources - Further information, web links and resources on XLogo coding.


XLogo is always improving. Make sure you use the current version by visiting the XLogo site for the latest news and downloads.


The current version of XLogo is 0.9.95

Kamal has used some xLogo programs to demo his "Laser Logo" project. See them in action in this YouTube video.

Comments about XLogo or this site to guy@cr31.co.uk


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