- Fullform and Shortform


Complete list of all XLogo primitives and their alternative shortforms names shown in red. Some you'll use all the time, others when they're needed and some hardly at all. However, they are all listed here with examples, explanations and things to watch out for!

Absolute Abs AddItem Alea And & Animation Anim AppendLineFlow Arc ArcCosine ACos ArcSine ASin ArcTangent ATan Axis AxisColor Back Bk Before? Black 0 Blue 4 (Bold) Brown 16 ButFirst BF ButLast BL Bye ChangeDirectory CD Character Char ChatTCP Circle ClearScreen CS ClearText CT CloseFlow Contents Cosine Cos Count CountDown Cyan 6 DarkBlue 12 DarkGreen 11 DarkRed 10 Date Define Def DeleteSequence DelSeq Difference Diff - Digits Directory Dir Distance Divide Div / (Doh) Dot DoUntil RepeatUntil DoWhile RepeatWhile DownPitch Down DrawingQuality DQ Edit Ed EditAll EdAll Empty? (End) EndCountDown? EndFlow? Equal? = EraseAll ErAll EraseProcedure ErP ErasePropertyList ErPL EraseTurtle ErT EraseVariable ErV ExecuteTCP Exp ExternalCommand (Fah) False Fence Files Fill FillPolygon FillZone FindColor FC First FontJustify FontName FontSize For ForEach Forever Forward Fd FPut GetProperty GProp Gray 8 Green 2 Grid Grid? GridColor guiAction guiButton guiDraw guiMenu guiPosition guiRemove Heading HideTurtle HT Home If IfElse IndexSequence IndSeq Instrument Instr Integer Int Integer? (Italic) Item Key? Label LabelLength (Lah) Last Left LT LeftRoll LR LightGray 9 LineEnd LineStart List List? ListenTCP ListFlow Load LoadImage LI Local LocalMake Log Log10 LPut LeftRoll LR Magenta 5 Make GlobalMake (Me) Member Member? Message Msg Minus Modulo Mod Mouse? MousePosition MousePos (None) Not Number? OpenFlow Or | Orange 13 Orientation Output Op PastTime PenColor PC PenDown PD PenDown? PD? PenErase PE PenPaint PPt PenReverse PX PenShape PS PenUp PU PenWidth PW Perspective 3D Pi Pick Pink 14 Pitch Play PlayMP3 PointEnd PointStart PolyEnd PolyStart Position Pos Power Primitives Primitive? Prim? Print Pr Procedures Procs Procedure? Proc? Product * PropertyList PList PropertyLists PLs Purple 15 PutProperty PProp Quotient / Random Ran (Ray) Read ReadCharacter ReadChar ReadCharFlow ReadLineFlow ReadMouse Red 1 Refresh Repaint Remainder Rem Remove RemoveProperty RProp Replace SetItem RepCount Repeat RepeatUntil DoUntil RepeatWhile DoWhile ResetAll Reverse Right RT RightRoll RR Roll Round Rnd Run Save Saved SaveImage ScreenColor SC ScreenSize SendTCP Sentence Se Separation Sep Sequence Seq SetAxisColor SAC SetDigits SetDirectory SetDir SetDrawingQuality SetDQ SetFontJustify SetFontName SetFN SetFontSize SetFS SetGridColor SGC SetHeading SetH SetIndexSequence SIndSeq SetInstrument SInstr SetItem Replace SetOrientation SetPenColor SetPC SetPenShape SetPS SetPenWidth SetPW SetPitch SetPosition SetPos SetRoll SetScreenColor SetSC SetScreenSize SetSeparation SetSep SetShape SetStyle SetSty SetTextColor SetTC SetTextName SetTN SetTextSize SetTS SetTurtle STurtle SetTurtlesMax SetTM SetX SetXY SetXYZ SetY SetZ SetZoom Shape ShowTurtle ST Sine Sin (Soh) SquareRoot Sqrt Stop StopAll StopAnimation StopAnim StopAxis StopGrid StopMP3 StopTrace (Strike) Style Sty (SubScript) Sum + (SuperScript) Tangent Tan (Te) Text TextColor TC TextEnd TextName TN TextSize TS TextStart Thing Time (To) Towards Trace True Turtle Turtles TurtlesMax TM (Underline) UniCode UpPitch Up Variable? Var? Variables Vars View3D PolyView Visible? Wait Wash While White 7 Window Word Word? Wrap Write WriteLineFlow XAxis X XAxis? Y YAxis YAxis? Yellow 3 Z ZoneSize Zoom

+ - * / =
< > <= >=
& | ( ) [ ]
# : " \


Alternative primitive shortforms are shown in red.
Words in brackets are text styles or sound note names.
? can be written as p. So Mouse? = MouseP.
American spelling of Color (not Colour) and Gray (not Grey). Also Center (not Centre) in HTML.