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A range of XLogo programs, divided into 22 sections, shown in the menu on the left. Select 'Contents' for a complete list of all programs.

To run the programs, you'll need the XLogo Java application. Download it here from the XLogo web site. You may also need to install Java on your computer. The web site has advice and links to the latest Java installers.

It's easy to run any of these programs in XLogo. Instructions.

All programs use a default screen size of 400 by 400 pixels with a black background. Each begins with a 'New' procedure to automatically set this and other preferences.

If you want to view the many image galleries created in XLogo then go to the galleries section.

If you want to modify or write your own programs, then there is full explanations of all XLogo commands in the primitives section.

Please note that all programs should be fully working. However, mistakes can creep in. If you find any errors, please let me know ;-)

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