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The following programs exhibit spiral forms. Spirals are common structures in mathematics and nature.

Also see:

Pursuit Curve
Turtle following turtle.

Archimedies, Fermat and logarithmic spirals.

Entwined logarithmic spirals of a sunflower head.


Arc Wave
Series of decreasing sectors.

Cycloid Curves
A series of various Cycloid curves.

Golden Spiral
A rectangle divided into a series of smaller squares.

Plastic Number
A logarithmic spiral of increasing triangles.

Eight logo spirals.

Spiral of Squares
A series of descending squares.

Spiral Lines
A variety of spiral forms from recursive line lengths.

Log Spiral Spirals (Curvature)
Archimedies and logarithmic spirals.

Ulam Spiral
Prime number spiral pattern.

Archimedes Spiral
Arch Spiral