Dot Plots

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These images are generated by plotting a (usually large) number of discreet dots. No lines are drawn between dots.

Some of the images are created from mathematical equations, and can take a while to complete.

If a mapping function is used then they are called 'Iterative Function Systems' (IFS).

In XLogo, the dot command plots a single pixel in the pen color at the specified XY co-ordinates. The turtle does not move to the new position to draw the dot.

See also: Dots
Fill screen with random dots.

Bifurcation Diagram
Plot of f(x)=kx(1-x)

Floating specks of dust gather together.

Random hopalong function plots.

Fractal Fern
Chaos Game rendition of a fern. (IFS)

Ginger Bread Man
A linear map in the shape of a gingerbread man.

Hénon Curves
Two dimensional quadratic maps.

Kam Torus
A quick dot plot image.

Classic Mandelbrot image.

A patch work quilt of extended squares.

Pi Island
A random calculation of pi.

Strange quilted popcorn fractal.

Sierpinski Gasket
Recursive generation of sierpinski gaskets. (IFS)

Henon 1