Single Line CA

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Single Line or 1-Dimensional CA are built up line by line. The first line or seed line is a single central dot. Each dot can be on (green) or off (black/dark blue). A 'rule' determines which dots are to be drawn. All rules below 255 will draw a pattern. Some 'good' rules are:

Go 30 random pattern
Go 90 nested pattern
Go 110 random pattern
Go 250 checkerboard pattern

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Init
  Make "Size 2
  SetPW :Size

To Display :Rule :BinList
  # write header info
  SetPC White PenUp
  SetPos [-190 184] Label [1D Cellular Automata]
  SetPos [70 184] Label List "Rule :Rule
  SetPos [70 170] Label :BinList

To Draw :CAList
  PenDown For (List "N 1 (Count :CAList)) [
    SetPC (List 0 (255*Item :N :CAList) 64)
    Forward :Size]
  SetPC Black Forward 0 PenUp

To NextLine :CAList
  Make "NewCAList []
  Make "CAList Sentence :CAList [0 0]     #add 0 0 to end
  Make "LL [0 0 0]
  For (List "N 1 (Count :CAList)) [
    Make "LL ButFirst LPut Item :N :CAList :LL
    #convert LL into a decimal number
    Make "X Bin2Dec :LL
    #convert x to item x of binlist
    Make "X Item (8-:X) :BinList
    #add x to newcalist
    Make "NewCAList LPut :X :NewCAList]
  Output :NewCAList

To Dec2Bin :Num
  # convert decimal number Num to an 8 item binary list
  If :Num >255 [Print [Rule is too large!] Stop]
  LocalMake "Bin []
  For [C 7 0 -1] [
    LocalMake "Bin LPut (Quotient :Num Power 2 :C) :Bin
    LocalMake "Num :Num -((Power 2 :C) *Last :Bin)]
  Output :Bin

To Bin2Dec :BinList
  #return the decimal value of a 3 bit binary list
  Output (4*Item 1 :BinList)+(2*Item 2 :BinList)+(Item 3 :BinList)

To Go :Rule
  New SetPS 0 Init
  Make "BinList Dec2Bin :Rule
  Display :Rule :BinList SetH 90
  Make "CAList [1]
  For (List "N 0 191 :Size) [
    SetXY (0-:N) (150-:N)
    Draw :CAList
    Make "CAList NextLine :CAList]

Try different rule numbers instead of 30. Enter Go 90, 110 or 250.
You can change the resolution of the ca by altering the :Size shown in red in the Init procedure.

Single Line CA
SingleLine CA

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