Chequer Grid

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This uses a nested loop to draw an chequered grid of any horiz and vertical value.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To GridRect :OrderH :OrderV :SqSize
  # draw tile at each column x row grid position
  LocalMake "OffsetH (1+ :OrderH) /2
  LocalMake "OffsetV (1+ :OrderV) /2
  LocalMake "SideH :SqSize /:OrderH
  LocalMake "SideV :SqSize /:OrderV
  For (List "Col 1 :OrderH) [
    For (List "Row 1 :OrderV) [
      SetXY :SideH*(:Col-:OffsetH) :SideV*(:Row-:OffsetV)
      Tile :Col :Row :SideH :SideV] ]

To Tile :Column :Row :SideH :SideV
  # draw black or white filled rectangle and label (col row)
  If Even? (:Column+:Row) [SetPC Black] [SetPC White]
  Rectangle :SideH-1 :SideV-1 Fill
  SetPC Gray Label Word :Column :Row Wait 3

To Even? :Num
  # return 'true' if Num even, else return 'false'
  If (Mod :Num 2)=0 [Output "True] [Output "False]

To Rectangle :Wide :High
  # rectangle (wide x high) drawn from centre (tp)
  Back :High/2 Right 90 Back :Wide/2 PenDown
  Repeat 2 [
    Forward :Wide Left 90 Forward :High Left 90]
  PenUp Forward :Wide/2 Left 90 Forward :High/2     # r2c

To Go
  New SetFontJustify [1 1]
  Read [Enter horiz & vert order. Default (no entry) is 5 9] "Order
  If :Order =" [Make "Order [5 9]]     # default value if no entry
  Make "BoardSize 320
  SetPC Gray Rectangle :BoardSize+12 :BoardSize+12 Fill
  GridRect First :Order Last :Order :BoardSize

Chequer Grid
Chequer Grid

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