- XLogo water drainage

This uses many of the 'grid' procedures to create a water drainage pattern. The order determines the number of horizontal / vertical channels. You can vary the channel widths, color or both.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Init :Order
  # global values
  Make "Total Power :Order 2
  Make "CellSize 380/:Order
  Make "OffSet (0.5*:CellSize)-190
  Make "Side 180/:Order
  Make "ColStep 255/:Total
  Make "Count 0

To GridPos :M :N
  # return X Y screen position
  Make "X (:N*:CellSize) + :OffSet
  Make "Y (:M*:CellSize) + :OffSet
  Output List :X :Y

To SetPen
  # set pen width and color
  SetPW :Side     # + 1 - (:Side* (:Count/:Total))
  # Comment in the rest of the above line for variable pen widths
  Make "Col 255 - 0.75*(:Count * :ColStep)
  SetPC ( List 1 :Col 255 )

To CentRand
  # random position in central third of grid
  Make "ThOrder Round :Order/3
  Output :ThOrder + Random :ThOrder

To Go :Ord
  New Make "Order :Ord Init :Order
  SetPos GridPos CentRand CentRand
  SetPen Dot Pos
  While [:Count < (:Total-1)] [
    SetPos GridPos Random :Order Random :Order
    If ((First FindColor Pos) = 0) [
      SetH 90 * Random 4 Forward :CellSize
    If ((First FindColor Pos) = 1) [
      Back :CellSize SetPC [1 0 0] SetPW 4 Dot Pos
      SetPen PenDown Forward :CellSize PenUp
      Make "Count :Count+1]]]

Type Go order for example Go 5 to run.

Also see Grid Art


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