Basic Tree

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This program draws a simple recursive tree.
The angle between the two new branches is set at 60 degrees (shown in red in the Go procedure). Changing this angle (to say 50 generates different types of tree. See how to.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To Tree :Length
  If :Length< 10 [Stop]     # ends recursion if length too small
  SetPW :Length/9     # reduce pen width as branch length gets smaller
  SetPC TreeCol :Length     # branch color depends on length
  Forward :Length Left :Angle/2
  Tree :Length*0.75 Right :Angle     # tree proc with 3/4 branch length
  Tree :Length*0.75 Left :Angle/2
  PenUp Back :Length PenDown     # return to starting point

To TreeCol :Length
  Make "Green Round 2.5*(100-:Length)     # green depends on length
  Output ( List 255 :Green 0 )     # red set to 255 and blue to 0

To Go
  New Back 160 PenDown
  Make "Angle 60 Tree 90     # initial angle of 60 shown in red

Also see Binary Switch.


Procedures blue
Variables pink
Comments green
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