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This program uses features from Random Trees to generate a series of 'natural' looking trees. It does this by using three parameters:
1) RandomAng This can be one of 8 values between 24 and 80 degrees. It determines the angle between two branches and is the same for the whole tree.
2) RanTreeAng This can be one of 5 values between 1/4 and 3/4 of the RandomAng. It determines the angle from the end of one branch to the next drawn tree. It is different for each new tree.
3) RanBraLen This can be one of 3 values 0.7, 0.75 or 0.8. It determines how much shorter branches in the next tree are. It is different for each new branch.

To New
  # set default screen, pen and turtle values
  ResetAll SetScreenSize [400 400] HideTurtle
  SetSC Black SetPC Green SetPS 1 PenUp

To TreeCol :Length
  Make "Green Round 2.5*(100-:Length)     # green depends on length
  Output ( List 255 :Green 0 )     # red set to 255 and blue to 0

To Tree :Length
  If :Length< 10 [Blossom Stop]     # ends recursion if branch too small
  SetPW :Length/9     # reduce pen width as branch length gets smaller
  SetPC TreeCol :Length     # branch color depends on length
  LocalMake "Angle Pick [24 32 40 48 56 64 72]
  LocalMake "TreeAngle :Angle*Pick [0.25 0.375 0.5 0.625 0.75]
  Forward :Length
  Left :TreeAngle
  Tree :Length * Pick [0.7 0.75 0.8] Right :Angle
  Tree :Length * Pick [0.7 0.75 0.8] Left :Angle
  Right :TreeAngle
  PenUp Back :Length PenDown     # return to starting point

To Blossom
  Make "myPenCol PenColor Make "myHeading Heading
  SetPC 6 SetH 180
  Forward 5 Back 5 SetPC :myPenCol SetH :myHeading

To Go
  Repeat 99 [  New Back 160 PenDown Tree 80 Wait 200]

Tree Generator

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